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Safety and Security

The Safety and Security department works to ensure the protection of all customers and employees at BJCTA facilities and on MAX buses. All incidents concerning safety or harassment will be addressed according to policy including rude and irate customers. In addition to safeguarding BJCTA property, Safety and Security is also responsible for training operators on pre-trip and proper operations of vehicles so that every passenger experiences a pleasant trip.

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Department Head:

Christopher Brewstrer
Director of Safety & Security

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Safety Rules

BJCTA cares about you and your safety. Here are some simple rules to ensure your safety.

  1. Bus Operators are not allowed to stop and board passengers once the bus has pulled away from the curb in a station or bus stop. Please try to be at bus bay/stop five minutes prior to scheduled departure time.

  2. Collapsible or folding baby strollers are allowed on the bus, but must be folded while on board and the aisle should not be blocked.

  3. Please ring the bell one block before your stop to allow the Operator enough time to bring the bus to a safe stop.

  4. To prevent tripping hazards, do not extend your legs or other items into the aisle.

  5. Please refrain from talking to the bus operator while the bus is in motion.

  6. Please allow other passengers to exit before entering.

  7. Be sure to use the handrails when going down the steps.

  8. If you are going to cross the street after getting off the bus, wait for the bus to leave and be aware of oncoming traffic. Never cross in front of a bus.

  9. Cross streets only in designated cross walks, and be sure to obey all traffic signals.

General Safety

Recreational equipment such as skateboards, roller skates or roller blades are not allowed on BJCTA property or buses.

  1. Beware of pickpockets that may be near you if you become jostled in a crowd.

  2. Hold your purse tightly, close to your body.

  3. Always keep your wallet in a front pocket or inside coat pocket, or in a buttoned hip pocket.

  4. Only 1 to 2 grocery bags are allowed on buses and must not take up a seat or block the aisle.

  5. If you are carrying a buggy, it must be folded upon boarding and not block the aisle.

  6. If you are traveling with children it is important that they are well supervised.

  7. To prevent separation from children, be sure to board together.

  8. Strollers should be folded upon boarding.

  9. When exiting the bus, always leave with children in front of you, never behind you.

Additional Safety Contacts

For more safety related information you can contact the entities below


CAP, City Action Partnership, is a nonprofit organization enabled by state legislation and city ordinance to provides services in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. Click below for more information.

Local Police

For more information about the Birmingham Police Department click the link below.

National Threat Advisory

For more information about the National Threat Advisory please click the link below.