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Finance Department

The mission of the Finance Department is to provide timely and accurate financial information to key stakeholders – including employees, board members, government agencies, grantors, donors, and others who may have a vested interest in the financial activity and health of the organization. Within the scope of this mission is the responsibility to protect the organization’s assets and ensure compliance with federal, state and local requirements.

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Department Head

Mr. Glenn Dickerson
Chief Finance Officer


Serving as an indispensable partner on topics requiring economic, financial and fiduciary inputs and expertise, the Finance Department manages Accounting and Financial Reporting, Tax, Payroll, Treasury, Risk Management, Receivables, Cash Collections, and its external audit partners. These responsibilities require that we be service oriented relative to the financial needs of all departments while still assuring that all transactions adhere to established policies and procedures, generally accepted accounting principles, and rules established by the authoritative governing body.

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